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Why You Should Insulate the Windows for Winter

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When winter rolls around, the thermostat is turned on and the energy bills go up. It’s important to turn your heat on during the winter in order to protect your home and keep warm, however, there are some tricks you can use to reduce the amount of energy you burn and your heating costs.

During the winter, you can use blankets and wear layers in order to stay warmer without having to turn the heat up all the time. Additionally, using the oven to make dinner, and drinking and eating warm foods like hot chocolate and soup can help keep you comfortable. However, sometimes it’s hard to beat the chill.

If your heating system is in good shape, you have opened all the heating vents, and are dressed for the season, but you’re still cold in your home, it might be time to try insulating some windows and doors.

Insulation Saves You Money

If your home is older, you feel drafts in various rooms, or you know certain areas struggle to stay warm every season, you may benefit from insulating your windows and doors. Sometimes, you may not even know warm air is leaking from your home until after trying this method out, and receiving your next heating bill.

Insulating windows and doors during the wintertime is a great way to not only save you money, it also ensures that less strain will be put on your heating system. Without drafts coming into your home, heat can’t escape and cold air can’t come in, which means your furnace or boiler won’t have to work as hard to keep up with your comfort needs.

This also allows you to enjoy the warmth of your home for longer periods of time, and reduces the need to turn up the thermostat.

Ways to Insulate Your Windows & Doors

Insulating your windows and doors is simple with the right techniques and tools. Below is a list of methods you can use to insulate your windows, exits and entryways this winter season.

  • Window Film
  • Insulation Tape/Weather Stripping (for cracks and seams)
  • Thermal Curtains
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Magnetic Window Insulation Kits/Tape
  • Rope Caulk (for sealing window seams and cracks)
  • Traditional Caulk
  • Draft Stoppers

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