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How to Prevent the Devastation Caused by a Dirty Dryer Vent

Dirty dryer vent

Take a moment and think about doing laundry. Got lint? Take a look at your machines and that dirty dryer vent. You’ll be surprised at the amount of lint that can build up in one vent system.

Have you ever left home with your clothes dryer running? Many people throw their clothes into the dryer before leaving the house and go on their merry way. Grocery store, dog groomer, picking up the kidsor dropping them off, for whatever the reason, people leave home with clothes drying in the dryer. I hate to be a Negative Nelly or a Debbie Downer, but could you imagine how it would feel if, when returning home, you turned the corner to find your home in ashes? What if everything you owned, including your pet, were mere smoldering piles of charred wood and ash? Such a devastating house fire is a possibility without proper dryer vent cleaning. All your belongings gone because of a dirty dryer vent.

Don’t Put Off Cleaning That Dirty Dryer Vent

Dryer vent cleaning may be one of those chores you just keep putting off. Your spouse may have had it on their to-do list for quite some time. But as your HVAC guy, it is my job to tell you that you are playing with fire. Rid your family of the risk of a house fire. Don’t put this chore off any longer!

Dryer Fires are a Real Problem, Seriously

Dryer fires are a serious problem. An estimated 2,900 clothes dryers catch fire in residential buildings each year, causing an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss, according to a report issued by the U.S. Fire Administration. Failure to clean dirty dryer vents was the leading cause of dryer fires. And this is why fire safety organizations everywhere encourage dryer vent cleaning as a crucial step in preventative maintenance.

Think About It

We don’t usually think twice about turning on the dryer and leaving the house, or even going to bed, but we should. The results could be devastating!

Dryer lint backs up through the outside vent, preventing the exhaust from the dryer from escaping. This is where house fires caused by dirty dryer vents start. It’s amazing how much lint can back up in one vent system. If you haven’t had your dryer vent cleaned, take a look. You’ll see what I mean.

7 Steps to Take to Prevent Dryer Vent Fires

  • Clean the lint trap after every use
  • Keep the back of the dryer around the vent where lint can build up clean
  • Clear the area around the dryer in addition to keeping it clean. No cleaning supplies, boxes or other flammables should be kept near the vicinity of the dryer
  • Replace plastic or vinyl hosing with flexible metal venting
  • Hire the professionals from Blue Frost Heating & Cooling to clean your dryer vent
  • Don’t dry clothes that have gasoline, spot removers, or any other flammable chemical on them (They could ignite or explode!)
  • Run the dryer only while you are awake and at home

In Conclusion …

Dryers are one of the greatest modern day conveniences, but they pose risks when not properly maintained. Make sure your dirty dryer vent is clean and that you use a common sense approach when drying your clothes.

Prevent the devastation of a house fire caused by a dirty dryer vent. For the sake of your family’s safety and the safety of your home, have your dryer vent cleaned. Call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling at (630) 444-0860 today.

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