How Can I Circulate the Cool Air in My House?

Why is the AC Worse in Some Rooms? Solved

During the hot summer months, you want to be cool and comfortable in your home. If some rooms are freezing while others are sweltering hot – especially when there’s more than one floor – you probably don’t feel at a comfortable temperature in each room. Sitting in front of a box fan or window fan in your warm bedroom isn’t the only answer. There are plenty of easy, efficient fixes for this problem.

Take Note of the Air Vents

Your air vents may be contributing to uneven home cooling. First off, if your vents are dirty, they won’t be able to circulate cool air or deliver superb air quality. Check all vents – but especially ones in rooms that are harder to cool down – to make sure they’re cleaned out and to inspect if it’s time to get new ones. An HVAC professional will know if you need to replace your vents or just get them cleaned.

You can also try closing the vents in colder rooms and opening them in warmer rooms to direct cold air flow to the spaces that need it most.

Fan Settings

Most thermostats have the settings “auto” and “on”. To circulate air evenly, it’s best to leave it on “on”. When this setting is toggled on, the fan stays on continuously so it continues to cycle cool air throughout your home. If it’s on the latter setting, the fan will only run when specifically told to by the system every so often.

Leaks in Your Air Ducts

Cool air circulates through your home’s air ducts and gets blown out from the vents. If there is a leak or tear somewhere in the ducts, then cool air won’t be able to reach the areas it needs to, and your air conditioning unit will have to work harder, being less efficient in cooling off your home. This can be effectively solved by having a professional complete an inspection and repair if necessary. Fixing this issue will also help you keep energy costs down.

Zone System

Installing a zoning system is a fantastic solution for homes that have consistently noticeable temperature differences in different rooms. This involves having temperature sensors installed in various areas of your home. This way, instead of having one thermostat for the entire house, you can control the temperatures of different rooms, or “zones”, of your home.

For example, if you live in a two-story home and the upstairs is always sweltering while the downstairs is freezing, you can adjust the upstairs temperature settings to make it cooler, and the downstairs to be warmer.

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