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Heating Maintenance Tips for Residential Areas

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Knowing how to maintain heating systems is a worthwhile skill homeowners can learn. The good thing is it’s not necessarily rocket science. Before you call aresidential heating maintenance service Wheaton IL, there are simple maintenance tips you can follow to make the most out of your HVAC system.

1. Seal the Air Leaks

The heat from the furnace will naturally rise up. Your attic is then the probable area that could encounter the air leak. Before the cold season comes, inspect your attic for some air leaks and cover them with a handy heat tape. This ensures that your furnace can reach its full capacity.

2. Change your Air Filters

Furnaces’ air filters must be replaced monthly to avoid bigger furnace issues and to keep a good air quality indoors. If the filter clogs excessively, your unit can no longer function well. Because of the air flow blockage, your furnace will work harder to produce heat. To avoid complications, just regularly change the filters.

3. Pipe Insulation

Warm air which is passed through the vents and heating system cools down if your pipes aren’t properly insulated. Pipes could even freeze or burst during the season without proper insulation. You need an extra layer of pipe insulation to avoid these troubles.

A thermostat set to 68 degrees while the current temperature is 70 degrees

4. Setting the Thermostat

If you set your thermostat too high, the efficiency of your furnace will plunge. The furnace will then work harder and consume more energy to generate heat. Blue Frost Heating & Cooling can help you calibrate the temperature of your thermostat or install a programmable one that gives you an easy access to changing the temperature. We also offer a residential heating maintenance service Wheaton IL to ease all your worries.

5. Inspecting Pilot Lights

Pilot lights enable your furnace to properly run. Inspect them well to make sure that there will be no trouble turning on your furnace, especially when winter is coming. You also have to take into account the color of the pilot lights. A yellow light means carbon monoxide presence.

6. Cleaning the Surrounding Area

The space that surrounds your heating unit must be cleared out of any clutter or barrier. Some fire incidents are due to this. Keep your household items at least 18 inches away from your furnace.

7. Conduct an Operational Test

A simple operational test can save the day. Constantly check if your unit is working completely fine. Towards the end of the summer when fall starts to step in, keep an eye on your unit and make sure that you won’t have any trouble with it when the cold days pop.

8. Schedule Heating Tune-Up Yearly

A yearly heating tune-up done by experts like Blue Frost Heating & Cooling will give your HVAC system the kind of inspection it needs to ensure its overall health. This way, you can know the strengths and weaknesses of your system and promptly address the flaws.

Whenever you need help with your residential heating maintenance service Wheaton IL, Blue Frost Heating & Cooling will happily be your partner. We also install and repair heating systems thoroughly. Give us a ring at (630) 444-0860 and schedule your system maintenance or tune-up to prepare for the cold days.

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