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Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Naperville IL

Published on November 21st, 2016

Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is the crucial job of a commercial HVAC unit. While you cannot do much about breathing in allergens, smog or pollutants when you are outdoors, once you are in your building, you can choose the kind of air you would like to inhale.

Breathing in pollutants can lead to serious long term health consequences. It is important for your commercial HVAC unit to be maintained well.

Commercial systems are huge units that consume a lot of of electricity. Unlike home appliances where the space required to be cooled is smaller, it is a completely different story for industrial machines. It can also be extremely complex to figure out the issues, if any, with your unit. Regular maintenance through professional contractors is a must.

HVAC Issues

When the machine does not turn on – In such cases, it is likely that the fuse may be blown. If not, check for loose connections or broken wires. Your technician is the best person to examine the unit, find the fault and set it right.

When there is bad odor — An unpleasant smell in the building can indicate some fault with the system. Keeping the air ducts clean, wiping the unit and checking if the condensed water has a proper outlet is important to keep away all odors.

When there are strange noises — Generally, loose bolts and nuts are the chief causes for noises. Get an expert to tighten them to get rid of the noise.

There are many other issues too that your HVAC unit may face. Call in a professional the moment you notice anything unusual about your system.

If you are searching for a reliable heating and air conditioning company Naperville IL is home to some quality companies such as bluefrosthvac.com. Call us to schedule an appointment today.


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