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Furnace Issues: Get the Basics

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Our long winters have the potential to inflict a lot of wear and tear on our furnaces and other heating units here in the North. Sometimes though, even the most battled tested units needresidential heating repair in Warrenville, IL. These are complicated pieces of equipment that we need several years of training and study to understand how to fix, and that’s because there are so many moving parts and components inside of them. However you don’t have to be a professional to notice the following signs of malfunction in your heating unit…..

You Have a Higher Heating Bill than Usual

Yes your utility company may be responsible for this too, but you’ve gotta admit that we need more heat in the wintertime than the rest of the year. However the increase in the amount of work that your unit takes on can create more stress on it, and that could be bad if it’s an older unit that’s survived many winters so far. It also depends on how much maintenance your heating unit has had over the years to tell whether it’s using more energy or not. If it’s not been checked on by an HVAC service provider like us for a while, then lots of dirt and other debris could be jamming the system.

The Unit Is Making Strange Noises

This increase in work can cause a breakdown in some of those moving parts, and could be the reason you’re having higher bills and a variety of strange noises coming from the unit. You may have been hearing some screeches, yelps, bangs, scratching, etc. because more than likely there’s a few parts that aren’t working correctly. A normal unit will create very little noise, and will not moan or cry nearly as much as a dysfunctional unit will. This is often an important sign that you need to call for a residential heating repair in Warrenville, IL.

Your Home Has Uneven Heating and Cooling

Obviously, the biggest sign that you need repairs is that your heating unit is not able to heat your home the way that it’s supposed to. This isn’t great considering the amount of severe weather we must endure all year long, and having this happen is a great inconvenience. The common reason for this problem is that some of the ductwork has broken down, and needs to be reset so that the air will return to the rooms that are colder.

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The Air in Your Home Has Downgraded To a Much Lower Quality

However your unit could be producing low quality air that makes you feel sick. This is the tipping point for most people to call for residential heating repair in Warrenville, IL as the headaches and stuffy rooms are just intolerable at this point. Your unit is probably circulating the residue from mold, mildew, and other contaminants that are making you feel so terrible. If you’re suffering from any of these problems, then please call our staff as soon as possible at (630) 444-0860, and we’ll arrive very soon.

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