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Furnace And Boiler Repair

Published on January 27th, 2016

The Need For Furnace & Boiler Repair

Water heating systems are robust and can last for years, but they are not foolproof. It pays to periodically inspect them and conduct repairs as needed. Pipes can corrode, and mineral buildup is a problem in some areas. Sometimes an old water tank is not up to the challenge of current household needs.

Convection Heat Distribution Systems

Circulating hot water through a radiator is the oldest forms of centralized air conditioning. Because pipes have no working parts, systems can last for decades and some old buildings still use their original boilers. The heat source might have been switched from coal to gas, but the old pipes are still in place. Aging systems need inspection, but are effective enough to continue using. Boilers need annual inspections for safety.

Repairing Household Water Tanks

The water boiler evolved into today’s hot water tank, and the tools for inspection and repair are similar. Hot water is under pressure, and leaks could cause injury or water damage. Flooding can ruin property by saturating drywall and rotting wood. Ensuring a water tank is in good repair is an essential step prior to listing a home.

Furnace & Boiler Repair For The Environment

Convection heating systems are making a comeback for their silence and energy efficiency. Hot water might instead be circulated under the floor, creating an ambient heat that floods the whole room. This type of heating creates no noise and can be much more comfortable. An old idea has effectively been reinvented for the modern age, as invisible heating is the cutting edge in comfort.

furnace and boiler specialist can deal with a wide range of systems. Water is a force that must be respected and professionally handled. Hot water is more dangerous and needs annual inspection.


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