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Get a FREE NEST Wi-Fi Digital, Programmable Thermostat Now

Nest Wi-Fi digital, programmable thermostat

Get yourself some peace of mind. Get a FREE Nest Wi-Fi Digital, Programmable Thermostat. Purchase a 2-year maintenance agreement

Yes, you read that right! I said FREE. When you purchase a TWO-YEAR Preventive Maintenance Agreement from Blue Frost Heating & Cooling for only $480, you’ll receive a NEST* Wi-Fi, Digital, Programmable Thermostat FREE! And that includes full installation by our certified technicians, too!

That’s TWO spring air conditioner checks, plus TWO fall furnace tune-ups and a fully-installed $499 NEST* Wi-Fi Digital, Programmable Thermostat for only $480!! It’s like getting a free sunroof for changing the oil in your car or receiving a free Sonicare toothbrush for getting your teeth cleaned twice a year or having your boss hand you a $250 bonus just for showing up for work.

Yes, you pay just $480 for a TWO-YEAR preventive maintenance agreement (a $78 savings) and receive a fully-installed $499 NEST* Wi-Fi Digital, Programmable Thermostat FREE! The total value of this Peace of Mind Package is $1,055!(I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again, “This is too valuable to pass up, folks!”)

Spend $480, save $575 and receive a $499 NEST* Wi-Fi Digital, Programmable Thermostat. Many call this a “no-brainer.” Call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling at (630) 444-0860 and purchase your Peace of Mind Package today.

We’ll see you soon to install your FREE NEST* Wi-Fi, Digital, Programmable Thermostat.

– Tom Wangler, Jr.

Owner of Blue Frost Heating & Cooling, Inc.

*A NEST Wi-Fi Digital, Programmable Thermostat allows you:

  • to adjust the temperature and humidity settings
  • to unlock and lock your doors
  • peace of mind by adding cameras, lighting controls, wireless smoke detectors and CO detectors

It allows you to do all of the above REMOTELY. Best of all you’ll have peace of mind from wherever in the world you are: your couch, your hotel, your workplace or the kids’ soccer field. Because you will be equipped with access to your home’s systems from wherever in the world you are, you will also be alerted of any disaster before it strikes!

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