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Emergency Furnace Repair West Chicago IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

3 Reasons to Have Emergency Furnace Repairs

Residents of West Chicago, IL depend on their home heating systems to provide comfort and warmth from the bitter cold that comes with Chicago winters. There is nothing more frustrating than a furnace that does not heat when it is cold outside and it seems like it is usually the middle of the night when the furnace decides to stop working. If your furnace has stopped working or showing signs of potentially not working, contact Blue Frost for emergency furnace repair West Chicago IL right away. Some things that will alert you of possible furnace problems may include:

Weird and Unusual Noises

Your furnace probably always makes some type of noise that you have become accustomed to. But, if you hear unusual humming, rattling, buzzing or other sounds that out of the ordinary, shut down your furnace and contact a company for emergency repairs. The odd noises could be caused by a broken part and if you continue to run the furnace, it may cause more damage.

Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit

If you have a gas furnace, it is important that you frequently check the pilot light. It should burn solid and have a blue flame. You should contact an HVAC specialist, if the pilot light does not stay lit, seems to struggle when lighting or the flame is burning a different color. Sometimes the problem is as simple as clearing debris from the air intake vent or the sensors may be dirty or failing.

Not Heating

If your furnace is blowing out cool air, the blower does not start or the main burners will not stay lit, it could be caused by several different problems, such as an electrical problem, the flame sensor or the control board. These types of problems must be repaired by an experienced HVAC contractor.

Carbon monoxide poisoning, which may occur if there is a leak in the furnace, can be life-threatening. If the furnace quits working and you suspect a gas leak, it is essential that you exit your home, contact the gas company immediately and then contact someone for emergency furnace repair West Chicago IL. Remember, the best way to prevent the furnace from breaking down is with routine maintenance.

Whether you want to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment or need emergency furnace repair services, contact Blue Frost.


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