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Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

Published on February 12th, 2016

There are many types of HVAC systems which can be installed in homes and business premises. These systems can be split into two broad categories – ducted and ductless heating and cooling systems. The latter has several advantages, the main one being easy installation. When constructing a new home or business premise, installing a ductless system will cost you much less. Furthermore, it will cost you less to maintain and service the system.

How Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems Work

The most popular type of ductless cooling system is the split air conditioner. The system consists of two main parts, the air handler and a condenser. The former is installed inside the house on the wall while the latter is installed on the ground outside or on the outer wall. The two are connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wires. No ducts are used as the air handler directly cools air in the room.

A popular type of ductless heating is hydronic heating systems. This is where hot water is circulated throughout the house through a series of metal pipes. The heat carried by the water is radiated into the surroundings by heat exchangers or radiators mounted on the wall of the room to be cooled. Just like the split AC system, hydronic heaters do not have air ducts.

Blue Frost HVAC Services

Blue Frost HVAC is a trusted HVAC company which installs and services all makes and models of air conditioners and heating systems. The company offers 24/7 emergency repair services, so consumers can always get emergency response whenever their cooling or heating system malfunctions. Other services offered by the company include HVAC maintenance and replacement. If you have a problem with the humidity and quality of air in your home or office, the company can install a dehumidifier or humidifier and HEPA air filters to improve indoor air quality.


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