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In many parts of the USA the high heat has subsided and folks are enjoying the deep sleep that comes from open windows and fresh air. The other nine months of the year, or more for some families, we are sealed up tight to keep our energy bills down.

While windows are closed VOCs and dust tend to rule the air, building to unhealthy levels and accumulating in the duct system. While we struggle to find that deep sleep we enjoy with the windows open the dust mites are busy feasting in the dark.

Many of us do not realize that the simple and affordable tools to keep our homes feeling like September year round are just a phone call away. Consider the following solutions:

1. Replace the noisy 900 watt circulator (blower motor) in your furnace with a 100 watt dc motor that slows down between cycles to act as a whole house air cleaner. Slow moving dust particles do not zip right through the air filter, they stick.

2. Install a small duct from the exterior to the return air duct. Manage this air stream with an outdoor temperature sensor and a motorized damper to ensure you enjoy as much fresh air as possible when conditions outside are favorable.

3. Implement an Ion generation UV light system that will continuously work in the air as well as on surfaces to seek and destroy germs, viruses, and bacteria…even in the duct system!

Healthy air for the entire family or office staff is as easy as 1, 2 , 3! Bet you didn’t know we had an “app for that”.

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