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Considerations for Air Conditioner Replacement Batavia IL

Published on July 28th, 2016

Replacing the air conditioner is inevitable. All machines eventually cease to work due to wear and tear. Sometimes it makes sense to get a new one even if the old is still working to benefit from better features and performance. Every homeowner knows that the question is “when, not “if”. Therefore, it is important to get the timing right. Blue Frost Heating and Cooling will be there when you need us. We provide air conditioner replacement Batavia IL locals can trust.

The Age of the Machine

The first thing that you should consider is the number of years the machine has been running to serve you. The older it is, the more likely that it’s due for retirement. Of course, other things can affect this such as the frequency of use. Some people don’t stay at home that much because of work which means the AC isn’t running as often as in the average home. Unfortunately, the warranty does not take that into consideration. It will lapse as written in the contract and this is usually in the range of 10 years.

The Current Condition

Consider the current condition of the system. Is it still running without any issues? How many times have you called for repairs to fix different problems? Numerous service calls can add up to a hefty sum. Rather than trying to save the system, it may be more financially prudent to simply let it go and make a brand new start.

The Future Prospects

If you decide to keep the old system for now, how long do you see yourself clinging to it? At what point will you finally say that it is time for it to retire? Make a long-term plan for the house and see when the air conditioner fits into this including possible renovations, additions, and other projects.


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