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This is How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Fresh air is important to your family’s health. Here are 8 ways to improve indoor air quality.

Do you worry about the air you and your family breathe while the windows are closed for long periods of time? Windows are kept closed during the winter to keep out cold weather and keep warm air inside. Then, windows are kept closed during the summer to keep out hot summer air and keep cool air inside. No need to worry! This is how you can improve indoor air quality where it matters most, at home.

8 Tips to Improve Indoor AirQuality at Home (or in the Office) and Then Some

1. Vacuum and clean your floors frequently

Use a vacuum with strong suction, functioning brushes, and a HEPA filter to effectively pick up dirt buried deep in your carpet. Sweep and mop hardwood floors frequently as well to collect accumulating dust and debris.

2. Open windows for ventilation

On some days, the weather just won’t allow this. But each day, consider opening a window, just a crack, for a few minutes, especially while you’re cleaning. It may be bitterly cold or blistering hot air, but you’ll improve indoor air quality within your home. And it’s just for a little bit.

3. Add plants to every room in the house

Plants add oxygen to the air and improve air quality on the whole. When purchasing plants to freshen or purify indoor air, get more bang for your buck. Buy plants that improve indoor air quality and help you sleep!

4. Go natural

What are you cleaning your home with? Do you know what your personal care products contain? Many cleaning and personal care products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or toxic chemicals which are harmful. Try your best to use chemical-free products to improve indoor air quality.

5. Smoke outside

Second-hand smoke is a harmful carcinogen that lingers in upholstery and clothing for a long time, like forever. It clings to walls and whatever is in the room with someone who smokes and doesn’t come off completely with a good washing. For the sake of your family and pets, improve indoor air quality by taking it outside.

6. Change furnace filters

They get dirty, so replace them. A dirty furnace filter prevents the circulation of air inside your home. And a dirty filter can’t collect dust and allergens to keep the air inside clean.

7. Say NO to mold

Remove standing water as you become aware of it. Tend to water leaks behind walls as soon as possible to prevent the buildup of potentially toxic mold.

8. Properly dispose of known toxic chemicals

Many towns and counties schedule specific days during the year when you can safely dispose of known toxic chemicals. Some even have drop off areas that can be visited anytime. Free household hazardous waste collection events require little in the way of preparation to dispose of these chemicals. Disposing of them can significantly reduce the number of toxins in your home. Items to consider getting rid of include chemical cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, auto fluids, and other toxic materials that are used in homes, automobiles, and yards. Paints, cleaners, and synthetic products are loaded with VOCs that emit gases into the air we breathe for up to three years.

In-home dust, formaldehyde, fire-retardants, radon, and toxic chemicals from conventional cleaners all contribute to poor air quality. Because there is very little ventilation when windows are closed during the winter and summer months, the effects are greater. People don’t think about indoor air quality until someone gets sick or allergies flare up. With conscientious attention on a regular basis, suffering can be improved or avoided altogether.

And Then Some …

  • Remove a floor register. Then use a mirror (makeup mirrors work well) and a flashlight to view the inside of your air ducts. Have your air ducts cleaned by Blue Frost Heating & Cooling every three years.
  • Fill floor drains and unused sinks or showers with fresh water every six months to prevent sewer gas from infiltrating your home.
  • Convert your furnace from an AC to a DC blower motor. Such a conversion can greatly improve indoor air quality in your home.
  • Ask your trusted Blue Frost Heating & Cooling professionals how to exchange fresh air with stale air while recovering 80% of your energy dollar.

Never ever underestimate the value of fresh air. Fresh air is one of the most important things we can provide to our families in order to stay healthy. Improve indoor air quality in your home and breathe easy.

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