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All about Air Conditioning Repairs

Published on March 11th, 2016

Air conditioners can break down without warning. Although you might get early alerts on inefficiencies and malfunctions, it may be too late to prevent damage to your system. Some of the common problems arise due to faulty power system, leakages, defective components as well as poor installation. In case one or more of the following problems happen, contact a repair specialist for urgent air conditioning repairs.

Low Refrigerant Level

For one, it is caused by undercharging during installation as well as leakage. Refill the tank if the problem is due to undercharging. Secondly, if there is any leakage, a qualified and experienced technician is needed to seal up the leak. This repair service is urgent if your AC is to continue working efficiently.

Outside Unit not Working Properly

Two problems could possibly arise from the outside AC unit. Firstly, the fan may malfunction. This could result in failure to suck the warm air out of your home. Repairs are needed immediately because there overheating may arise and consequently damage the whole unit. On the other hand, the outside unit may fail to function properly due to power and thermostat issues. Connecting the power cables correctly and conducting replacement of the thermostat and the fan is crucial.

Frozen Coil

Fixing a frozen coil is highly necessary. It typically indicates the presence of dirt or damaged air filters including less refrigerant. To solve this problem, the refrigerant must be charged to the correct level. In addition, the air filtration system should be serviced to get rid of the dirt.

Faulty wiring and Malfunctioned Thermostat.

A thermostat may be damaged or simply out of battery power. In case the thermostat won’t turn on, replace the batteries. However, if the problem is advanced like the device cannot read the temperature; it is recommended that you replace the whole unit.

Finding the best repairs at a budget is a daunting task, but not with reputable HVAC service providers. Be sure to count on experienced Blue Frost HVAC services for quality, cost efficient and satisfactory air conditioning repairs.


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