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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting West Chicago IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

Save Money with Air Conditioning Troubleshooting West Chicago IL

When your air conditioner is not functioning the way it should, it’s usually a sign that you need a professional AC repair technician. However, it is also possible that with a little air conditioning troubleshooting West Chicago IL, you might be able to resolve your cooling problem without the need to call for a trained AC service technician.

Some simple troubleshooting tips should be your first step before requesting a service call from your AC contractor. For example, if your air conditioner is not turning on, you should first check to make sure your cooling system is getting the electrical power it needs. Check to make sure the AC is plugged in and that the circuit or fuse has not tripped.

If your air conditioner has power, but it is not delivering cool air, check the thermostat and make sure that it is set properly. The problem might be nothing more than a thermostat that is set too high or that has not been set to the “cool” setting. This is easily remedied and will not require a service call from an AC technician. Another problem that can cause your air conditioner to not deliver enough cool air is if it is not getting sufficient airflow. Sometimes, when the filter is dirty or vents are blocked, the system can begin to ice up. If you notice ice forming on your AC unit, turn it off and let it defrost, then change the filter and clear anything that is obstructing the air vents.

Not all tips for air conditioning troubleshooting West Chicago IL will yield a simple resolution for your cooling problem. If you are not able to find a simple solution to get your cooling system back up and running, it’s time to contact a professional AC contractor, such as Blue Frost. They’ll be able to find the problem and make the necessary repairs so your home will be cool and comfortable again.


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