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Air Conditioning Maintenance Batavia IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

Recommendations for Air Conditioning Maintenance Batavia IL

Air conditioners need a lot of things in order to run both effectively and efficiently. If you want to cut back on utility bills and keep your family cool when it is hot, Air Conditioning Maintenance Batavia IL recommends is necessary. There are a number of ways you can improve the overall comfort of your home through maintenance. Here are a few suggestions.

Change Filters

The biggest thing you can do, and the easiest, is to change your air filters in the system often. You should check the filters every few weeks to check for dirt and change them once a month or more when the unit is in use. When you put a clean filter into the air conditioner, you can lower your energy consumption by 5-15%. You will also increase the amount of cool air the home enjoys.

Clean Coils

Evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt as they serve your home. Keeping the filters clean and changed out will help the coils from getting too dirty, but they will still collect a little dirt. Dirt on these coils reduces air flow and makes the unit work harder. Check the coil at least once a year or more often in order to maximize efficiency.

Clear Debris

It is easy for leaves, grass and other items to pile up around the outdoor air conditioning unit. Clear the debris from around the unit and allow it to work efficiently and effectively much longer.

Have Professional Checks

Blue Frost recommends that you have a professional Air Conditioning Maintenance Batavia IL check up once a year. Before the cooling season begins, invite a professional to run a thorough maintenance check on your unit. If there is anything wrong, you will catch it sooner before it becomes an emergency and a more expensive problem.


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