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Air Conditioner Tune-Up St Charles IL

Published on March 16th, 2016

Take Preventive Action Today Through Air Conditioner Tune-Up St Charles IL

Most people do not take preventive action and repent later on. They do not bother to contact specialists when their air conditioner emits strange noises every now and then. They might not face any problems when the weather is fine, but might have to cope with a malfunctioning AC halfway through the summer season when this gadget faces extreme stress and its compressor has to work for longer periods to chill the air inside their room. One should always take preventive action immediately after winter, when the weather is fine, by getting in touch with a professional and reputable company that specializes in air conditioner tune-up St Charles IL

Ignorance and abuse

Most individuals hardly have any idea about maintaining their AC. They set its thermostat to the lowest possible setting. This forces its compressor to run for hours at a stretch. Apart from putting stress on the compressor, it can also result in build up of ice on the copper coils, particularly when the air outside is humid. Some people, in an attempt to conserve energy, set the thermostat to `fan’ mode when their air inside their room cools down. This causes the fan to bring in hot air from outside, defeating the purpose of using an AC. The best option is to set the thermostat to either `auto’ mode or select a temperature that causes the compressor to cycle between `chill’ and `fan’ mode frequently. This conserves energy and keeps the ambient temperature inside the room to a comfortable level. A dirty filter can also put pressure on the compressor because it hampers free flow of air from the room to the unit.

Act before disaster strikes

One can avoid these problems by taking preventive measures. Instead of relying on guesswork, one should contact a reputable air conditioner tune-up St Charles IL company such as Blue Frost, and get their AC serviced so that it functions properly during the hot summer season.


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