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Air Conditioner Replacement Aurora IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

Let the Experts of Air Conditioner Replacement Aurora IL Decide

If you purchased an air conditioner on or before 2010, and it is not functioning properly, it is time to get it replaced rather than getting it repaired. ACs manufactured during this period used chlorofluorocarbon, an ozone depleting refrigerant, which is banned by law. Apart from this, old models consume much more power compared to modern generation ACs. If this is not enough, you might face problems in getting your AC serviced since most agencies that service ACs might not have spare parts for it. However, the cost factor of new models might be a cause of worry for you. The good news is that you can barter your old gadget for a new one for a fraction of the cost of the latter.

How does this system work?

Get in touch with Blue Frost, an air conditioner replacement Aurora IL specialist, check the models available with them on their online store at bluefrost.wpengine.com, determine the one you prefer and tell them that you want to replace your old AC with the model you chose. They will send a representative to your place to check the condition of your AC, and offer you a discounted price for the model you liked. Remember, the discount you will get depends largely on the condition of your existing AC. Once you agree on the price, the technicians of Blue Frost will take out your AC and replace it with a new one. You get all the advantages, such as a one year warrantee, had you purchased that model outright.

How does the company gain from this deal?

Apart from the commission received from the equipment manufacturers, the technicians of air conditioner replacement Aurora IL will strip the working parts of your AC, and use it while servicing other ACs of that same brand and model.


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