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AC Troubleshooting Service Wheaton IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

Troubleshooting Your AC in Preparation for Summer

The hot, humid summer season in Wheaton is quickly approaching and your AC system needs to be ready to provide cool, comfortable air. An efficient and properly working unit is key to maintaining lower energy bills as well as a comfort within your home. While routine maintenance is important for all HVAC systems, it is also important to have access to a reputable AC troubleshooting service Wheaton IL residents can depend on in times of need. At Blue Frost, we have a highly trained staff ready to inspect and address any air conditioning problems you may have.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

The first issue that may arise at the beginning of the season may be the biggest; the unit will not come on. While there are a number of things that may cause this problem, one of the more common lies within the thermostat. The device may be defective or may need to be calibrated. The professionals at Blue Frost can perform this calibration quickly and efficiently.

You may be able to deal with basic electrical issues related to your AC by yourself, such as a blown fuse or flipped circuit breaker. However, when those repairs don’t fix the problem, an experienced technician will need to troubleshoot further. A malfunctioning blower fan, faulty control relay or other components will need to be addressed by the professionals.

Another common challenge may be when your unit blows only warm air, which is not pleasant on those hot July days! If new or recently cleaned filters don’t correct this, the unit may be low on refrigerant. Only a licensed professional can refill coolant and properly check for leaks in the system.

As the temperatures rise, get your air conditioning system ready to go! Our team is dedicated to providing quality AC troubleshooting service Wheaton IL residents can trust. Our extensive training and experience allows us to provide the most thorough AC troubleshooting service.


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