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AC Replacement Service Carol Stream IL

Published on March 17th, 2016

When to Call for AC Replacement Service Carol Stream IL

No one wants their air conditioner to stop working, but when it happens to you, you need the best AC Replacement Service Carol Stream IL has to offer. Blue Frost can walk you through the process step by step and ensure you get what you need. There are a number of ways to tell if you need a complete replacement before you make any calls. Here are a few signs.

Unit Age

If your air conditioner is 12-20 years old, it might be ready to be replaced. If you use the unit a lot, it might go out faster. If you are sparing, it can last a little longer. If your AC isn’t working right, consider its age before you think about spending money on a costly repair. If it is up there in years, it might be better to go with an AC Replacement Service Carol Stream IL has to offer.

Overall Efficiency

If your AC isn’t keeping your home as cool as it used to and your utility bills are getting higher, you have an efficiency problem. Older models are generally less efficient and when they start faltering even further, they simply need to be replaced. It costs a little money to get a replacement unit, but you will see as much as 20% savings on your utility bills, which can pay you back over the years.

Humidity Issues

Air conditioning systems are supposed to remove humidity from the air in order to keep you cooler. If your home is humid in the summer, the unit is not working properly and might need extensive repairs. If you keep up with maintenance tasks like changing the air filters, there might not be much else you can do other than replacing the system completely. New models can reduce mold and mildew issues from arising in your home.


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