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A Stress-Free Summer with Air Conditioning Maintenance Aurora IL

Published on July 28th, 2016

The City of Lights is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. The abundance of economic opportunities no doubt contributes a lot to this. Aurora is also a beautiful to live and many known architects have built houses here. Aside from creating a stunning structure, homeowners are also concerned with indoor comfort. Blue Frost Heating and Cooling understands this concern. That’s why we provide HVAC services including air conditioning maintenance Aurora IL residents can depend on.

Annual Visits

ACs require maintenance all-year round but most of the tasks are simply enough for homeowners to complete themselves. These include air filter change to prevent clogs due to dirt. The drain pan should also be emptied regularly so that it doesn’t overflow. Accessible areas should be cleaned as well, especially when it comes to the outdoor unit. Professionals can come in one or twice a year to perform the more technical tasks. This should ideally take place in the fall before summer comes along.

Thorough Checkups

Our technicians will conduct a thorough checkup of the system. It will be inspected from top to bottom including the parts that are prone to failure. Preventive measures will be put in place such as greasing the moving parts to reduce wear and tear. The wiring will be tested and tightened. Refrigerant leaks will be found. Holes in the ducts will be patched. All of these will be performed quickly and efficiently to minimize the inconvenience to the family.

Enormous Benefits

This annual service call can make a world of difference in the performance of the system. If it seems to be sputtering before, then it will be running smoothly afterwards. Energy efficiency will rise and this can be felt in the lower energy consumption. The risk of breakdowns will also fall so homeowners can look forward to a stress-free summer.


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