Is your furnace ready for the winter? If you are like most homeowners, you may have not paid much attention to it. However, with the cold ready to creep in, it is time to ready your system for usage. Here are some simple maintenance tips to ensure effective system operation all through the colder seasons.

Change your air filters – This is one of the most important tune-up tasks. Filters can accumulate dust, dirt and debris, which can in turn put a lot of stress on your heating system. Cleaning and changing the filters on a regular basis can also help get rid of environmental allergens that can affect people prone to respiratory ailments. Experts opine that air filters must be changed at least once in three months for the best results.

Check the ducts – As per some reports, most homes lose at least 20% to 30% of the air that goes inside the house through the ducts due to leaks and holes. It is strongly recommended that you have an expert examine your ducts for issues yearly.

Clean the vents – A common issue with most homes that have central heating is that vents often get blocked with debris, dust and dirt after months of inactivity. Cleaning the vents will not only prevent the entry of debris and allergens inside the house, but will also enhance the operational efficiency of the machine.

Service your machine — A complete HVAC tune-up is the best way to ensure excellent performance of your machine all through the winter season. Along with cleaning your machine, your technician will also work to ensure that all parts of the unit are in top condition.

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