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    Finding the perfect humidity level in your home can be more difficult than you may think. Air that is too full of moisture can result in a damp, sticky environment in your home or place of business while air that doesn’t have enough moisture will likely result in dry air that can lead to other health effects. Part of our HVAC services in Elgin and surrounding areas involves providing you with the right products to ensure your home’s humidity level is exactly where it needs to be. Relative humidity levels in your home or place of business should be between 35 to 50 percent to help maximize both your health and your comfort. 

    If the humidity in your home isn’t ideal, you will likely feel the consequences. Your body temperature is directly impacted by humidity levels. Too little humidity will result in dry skin and lips, increasing your chance of getting a cold in addition to lung and sinus problems. Too much humidity will result in asthma and allergy problems, mold and mildew growth, and excess condensation. 

    What Type of Humidifier is Necessary for Me?

    Generally speaking, there are three types of humidifiers. Bypass humidifiers draw warm air from your home’s heat ducts and pass it through a water panel. The air absorbs the moisture and delivers it via airstream to the rest of your home. Fan-powered humidifiers are next and they work the same way, however, they have a fan that blows the air across the water panel for increased water evaporation. Finally, steam humidifiers work by boiling water to create humidity through steam and circulating it throughout the ductwork in your home. 

    Benefits of Humidifiers

    Installing a whole-home humidifier has many advantages to your home, as it works directly with your furnace to help your family stay safe and comfortable. Plus, humidifiers don’t use a lot of energy while still taking care of your entire home. Lessen the chance of getting an airborne illness in addition to improving lung health and alleviating allergies. During the brutal Chicago winters, your home will be more comfortable (and safe) thanks to humidifiers, as the minor amount of energy that humidifiers use will lead to overall energy savings. Your furnace won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm. 

    In addition to health and financial benefits, humidifiers can prevent your wooden floors, wooden paneling and furniture from developing cracks. 

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