Is your air conditioner blowing out warm air? Don’t sweat (if you can help it), this is likely a solvable problem. The last thing you want in the dead heat of a Chicago summer is to turn on your A/C and feel a blast of hot air come out. This could be a serious problem, or an easy fix. So let’s rule out the problems with simple solutions first. Below are a couple of reasons your air conditioner might be blowing out warm air.


Believe it or not, this gets overlooked more than you might think. So before you go calling someone to help you because your A/C doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, check the thermostat. It might be seat to “heat” or the fan might be set to “on”. It’s SO easy to miss this because you just automatically assume this wouldn’t be the case. It could have also been a complete accident (like your finger slipped when setting the thermostat earlier and you didn’t notice that you put it on the wrong setting). If the thermostat is set to “on” rather than “auto”, the fan is always blowing air meaning that the system is blowing although it may not be doing anything to actually cool the air it is blowing. You need to set the thermostat to “cool”.

Condenser Coil Problems

Your home’s outdoor air conditioning unit is subject to the elements. As such, problems can happen that affect it. For example, dirt and debris can clog it up, leaves and shrubbery can grow in and around it, or animals can tamper with it. When airflow is restricted to a component of the outdoor unit called the condenser coil, the A/C system cannot properly remove heat from your home. You can clear out debris from your outdoor unit with a broom and make sure to maintain the shrubbery around the unit.

Power Outage

For whatever reason, either your indoor or outdoor unit may have experienced a power outage and has not since been turned back on. Both units need to operate in tandem to cool your home, so if one of them isn’t running, you’re in for a heat wave. You can check the circuit breaker or the unit’s emergency shutoff switch (generally located outside on the exterior wall of the building right near the air conditioning unit.

For any and all other problems, you’ll likely want to involve a professional. That’s where Blue Frost comes in. Our HVAC specialists can diagnose and fix a problem in no time. Give us a call for A/C repair at 630-283-6401 today!