air conditioning troubleshooting in Naperville, IL

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s ailing your air conditioner until an HVAC technician can come out to visit, but there are a few factors you can check for when doing any air conditioning troubleshooting in Naperville, IL. Many of the problems our customers experience come about from a lack of timely maintenance, a faulty installation of a new air conditioner, or leaky ducts and other issues that can impair your airflow. We’re about to go over a few of these problems right now.

A Lack of Refrigerant

One of the most common reasons that your air conditioning unit is not blowing out as much cool air as it used to is that there’s a low level of pressurized refrigerant circulating inside of it. Refrigerant is very important because this helps the air conditioner stay cool while it’s operating. The lack of refrigerant could be because it’s been a long time since it was recharged, there’s a leak somewhere in the unit, or it was undercharged after a new installation. It’s very important to charge the unit up to the setting the manufacturer has set, and more than likely your average handyman won’t be up for this task.

The Unit Hasn’t Been Maintained In a Long Time

It’s very important that you change your air filters regularly so that dirt, lint, dust, and other particles won’t get caked up inside of the air conditioner. Check to see if there are any buildups of debris that you can see either outside or inside of the unit, but be careful when you’re looking around or touching anything inside. You want to also make sure that the air ducts aren’t being blocked by furniture, plants, or anything else that could impede the airflow as this will also cause a buildup of debris. These are a few things you can check yourself, but there are many factors only an HVAC technician will be able to address. During a tune-up, they will check the electrical connections, the condition of the moving parts, and where they should clean inside of it.

air conditioning troubleshooting in Naperville, IL

It’s Just Not Working At All!

Another common troubleshooting maneuver is to set the thermostat lower than usual to get your home cooler. If you’re in the middle of summer and its 100 degrees out, it’s probably not going to matter what your setting is on. However, when this or the other solutions we mentioned aren’t working, it’s probably just a sign that it needs a repair. An annual tune-up or service call is the best way to avoid a repair job as we can come in and do the air conditioning troubleshooting in Naperville, IL ourselves. Like we said before, we can’t diagnose every problem here without looking at it ourselves so if you think there’s a serious problem please call us at 630-283-6401. When we visit, we can recommend what parts need to be ordered, whether we should clear the air ducts, or if we just need to fix a leak or drainage problem. We hope to see you soon and get this problem taken care of!